Header 20 – Wallpaper

Here it is, then, the final header of our second batch. We’ve reached our twentieth design, which honestly blows my mind a little bit. This one came from the background texture, which was a kind of wallpaper, I think. I wasn’t keen on it being wallpaper, so I tried the stripy filter to sort of bring it to life a bit. It could almost be a curtain, with ripples in, except they are a bit too regimented, and a bit too diagonal as well. Once again, I was playing around with the text, as that is somewhere I really need to concentrate my efforts.

2 thoughts on “Header 20 – Wallpaper

  1. I think the angle is the only thing that stops them being curtains… I mean they look more like curtains than wallpaper that’s for sure… But the angle of the stripe is maybe a bit too pronounced or something for them to be curtains as such… Although I like it and I think that because the angle is more it looks to me like a textured header of somebody’s funky squarespace blog rather than some curtains 🙂

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