Couch 2 5K – Part 6

I have a question. I’ve been thinking I should really graduate from running about in tatty t-shirts, as it worked wonders on my feet when I treated them to some proper equipment. So… when did sports wear become quite so complicated?

I haven’t been in an actual shop yet (that’s a whole other bridge to try and cross), but browsing about online, I found this very pretty vest. I don’t intend to wear a vest, I’m all about the long sleeves, but this looks like  standard running wear to me.

Apparently, it has Ventilated ClimaCool technology – to keep you dry and comfortable. Unless it is like the jacket in Back to the Future II, I don’t really understand this at all.

It also has ForMotion Fit which “actively supports your muscles for improved comfort and efficiency.” Maybe I’m underestimating this but… isn’t it just a vest?

Every step along this journey of running, I get more and more out of my depth.

It’s kinda fun.

So, talking about the journey, where are we on the Couch 2 5K programme? Turns out, we’re on the very final week.

  • Week 9, Day 1
    First time running thirty minutes and it was really good. Legs felt fine, breathing all good. I was overtaken by those joggers again, but oh well. Longest distance as well, although not as far as I would have hoped. The only down was a wicked stitch afterwards. It didn’t last too long but it was pretty painful. What’s a stitch all about?
  • Week 9, Day 2
    I was a bit naughty today, and kept on running after the time ran out. People, I have finally done it and reached the 5k. It took about 45 minutes, give or take the odd change in direction because I ran out of road.
  • Week 9, Day 3
    What a fabulous run to end on. It was pouring down with rain, and I was a bit rusty after taking an extended weekend off. I ran a different route and got splashed by a couple of cars. I ran into some unavoidable puddles and got wet feet. Even so, it was almost fun. Perhaps fun is not the right word.

So, that’s it. I’ve graduated! Only now am I actually starting to think this race might be possible. Which race, I hear you ask? Well, it’s that race that you can sponsor me for, if ya like. All for charity and everything.

The plan now is to work on my 5K route and try to get a bit faster, because at the moment I am still aware of how rubbish I am. I said it was seemingly possible, I didn’t say it was going to be graceful.

Also, don’t tell anyone, but I am totally tempted by the Bridge to 10K app. Shhh.

13 thoughts on “Couch 2 5K – Part 6

  1. Wow! 5K already! I knew you could do it!

    About running attire – I have found it is important to have the right gear. I was given a team shirt which is basically the same as a football shirt and it’s really nice because it breathes well when you sweat.

    The other reason is that for me it’s part of the warmup ritual to “put your running gear on” and it helps me get my head in the right place before I start, I reckon…

  2. H&M have a decent selection of runningable stuff as well (even some in organic cotton). Other than that bamboo is a brilliant cloth to wear – doesn’t rub, doesn’t get smelly and very warm whilst not trapping heat.

  3. Brillant, 5k done! Be proud of this.

    Running fear is so funny. Obviously you haven’t tried to buy shoes yet!

    I have Mclaren shirt that is bamboo, it feels really good. I think it would be great for running. The chasing pandas might speed you up too.

  4. If you’re not running that much I think you can get away without buying any fancy gear. If you want to start buying kit I’d recommend it in this order:
    1. Address any problems e.g. chaffing
    2. Good shoes
    3. Thorlos socks
    4. A top
    5. Shorts
    6. Baseball cap
    7. Gloves

    As you are heading into winter I’d buy a long sleeve top for winter rather than the fancy sleeves number above.

  5. If you’re not running that much I think you can get away without buying any fancy gear.

    I have the shoes, because when I first started my shins were aching, so I spent the most I have ever spent on trainers and have no problems at all now.

    I can’t believe there are special socks for running too! There is so much I don’t know.

  6. If a panda was behind you I think you would run a bit faster so perhaps bamboo cloth would be the right thing!!

    True enough. I would run towards it for a hug until I realise it wants to eat me, and then I would high-tail it in the other direction.

  7. Congrats! It doesn’t seem long since you started, just over two months seems a really short time to get up to the distance from the perspective of the couch-dweller. 🙂
    Intrigued that you’re even enjoying it in tough conditions, is that to do with the satisfaction of completing the run?

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