Wrong side of the tracks

Hey, look what I made!

You’ve all been incredibly generous so far – so much so I’ve had to up my target total. I was not expecting that. I notice everyone has donated the same amount, so I hope no one is put off if that isn’t the amount they want to give. I’m happy with 20p, too.

I realised that I wasn’t that sure how far I was actually running in the allotted time, so I scouted around and had a look for GPS type apps for my phone. (This is the point where I have to take back what I said about not using my phone for applications. Shh.)

Mr C found the My Tracks app and it is fabulous! You start recording, jog away, and it will track you on the map to incredible accuracy. It measures all sorts of numbers, including speed, average speed, moving speed, distance, elevation, longitude, latitude, and more. It also makes a pretty graph.

So far, I’ve taken it on one car journey as a test, and one run. I was a bit disappointed with the results (despite it appearing to be all downhill!), but I’m just sticking with the thought that I still have time to improve! I would share the numbers with you, but… I don’t want to. Maybe I will when they are better.

I have managed to export the information to Google Maps as well, which is great fun. I can show off to Mr C how far I haven’t managed to get.

I’ve also realised that I’m going to need a more professional solution to carrying things, now that I’ve got a phone added to my collection. I may have to start thinking about a water bottle as well. I’m proper thirsty by the time I finish.

Finally, apologies if I am turning into a running bore. This is all quite new and exciting. Stay tuned for more of your regularly scheduled pandas, pencils and Doctor Who, though.

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