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Lukeh wrote an excellent post yesterday to celebrate the 101st blog post on his site, and as you can imagine, he went for a Room 101 feel. Lukeh’s three choices to go into Room 101 were Facebook, buses and clubbing. I pretty much agree with all of that, but given the option to choose some hateful items of my own, I couldn’t resist.

First, let Lukeh explain:

Then of course, there’s the evolution of this idea of a torture room [from the novel 1984] thanks to the famous and very good BBC show named, of course, Room 101. The idea behind the show was to try and send your absolute worst pet peeves and things you greatly dislike into Room 101 and to be banished forever.

Sounds like fun, right?

Let’s go.

Item 1 – The Hour Between 3 and 4pm

I thought I had blogged about this before, deep in the distant archives, but I cannot find it. You know how it is. The morning goes at a fair speed because you are looking forward to lunch. Once that is out the way though, it’s an uphill battle to get towards hometime. I think the body naturally has a bit of a dip at 3pm anyways, and I know a lot of people who could quite happily have a nap for an hour around about that time.

If we could banish the hour between 3 and 4pm, that would make me very happy.

Item 2 – Gliders

At the moment, there’s a bit of a discussion happening on Sidepodcast about the merits of gliders. I am not a fan, given my new-found aversion to flying, but others are trying to convince me that they are as safe as, or safer than, regular planes. Now, I don’t know the science of these things. I hated my science teacher so I paid as little attention as possible just to spite him. That has not worked out so well, because now I am stupid, and he’s forgotten I existed.

To combat this, if we ban gliders from actually existing, then the argument is solved! I win!

Item 3 – Earphones

Let’s be clear, I use mine all the time. So much so, I now simply refer to them as my ears. The problem that I have is I keep having to buy new ones. I was living with the Apple ones that came with the iPod until I listened to some proper earphones and had quite the revelation. I bought some slightly more expensive ones, and enjoyed hearing things with actual quality.

Then I broke them, so I had to buy some more. Then I left those ones in a restaurant and had to buy some more. Now I have broken my new ones and… well, I have to buy some more.

There must be a better way than all these wires and little parts that are likely to get broken. And how many times do you pick up your iPod or equivalent to find a tangled mess at the end? Is that just me? I’d like to ban the earphones so that new and less troublesome technology can be developed. Like getting podcasts piped directly into my brain. That could work.

So, those are my three things, what do you reckon? Would they be accepted into Room 101? What would yours be? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with the originator of the game as well.

10 thoughts on “Room 101

  1. Excellent ideas 🙂 your dislike of gliders makes me laugh so much. Love the idea of banishing an hour too, although I would change it to 4-5pm as that’s usually my final hour in work and it ALWAYS drags!

    Yay for more Room 101 ideas though! I would definitely accept the hour, and maybe gliders as they scare me a little. I kinda agree with earphones as semnheisers are amazing quality but break so easy, but when you find the right pair, WOW! they can be very awesome.

  2. Can’t you bulk buy your earpieces, you know, buy two get one free. Or try getting in with a manufacturer of them, then you could “road test” them to destruction for them.

    Alternatively, you could get one of the helmets like the RAF wear with the earpeices built in. That wouold be fun when you are out running.

  3. Alternatively, you could get one of the helmets like the RAF wear with the earpeices built in. That wouold be fun when you are out running.

    Oooh, that would be brilliant! 🙂

  4. I definitely agree about Item 1. A long time ago I read in a book on Insomnia that there were some tests done on sleeping where the test subjects could not tell if it was day or night so slept when they were tired. They slept 7 – 8 hours in one go and then had a nap in what would equate to approx 4pm so I think it is a natural need to have a short sleep a certain number of hours after you wake up.

  5. Ahhh I wondered why Timo lost a point for the glider photo! Now it all makes sense.

    And I seem to spend half of my life untangling the wires of my earphones… sometimes half my walk to work is taken up with the untangling. And yet I’ve never seen anyone else walking down the street untangling their earphones. So either no one else has this problem or everyone else does it in the privacy of their own home. Hmm.

  6. I definitely agree with 1 and 3 but I’m an aviation geek so 2 is out.

    Why are we so tired between 3 and 4 pm? I make sure that I never go to meetings after lunch, afternoons are such a drag!

    And about earphones… when I used to have a long commute I used earphones as a luxury… no matter what type or expense they always break within a year. So they have become a commodity and I refuse to spend more than £10-£15 (equivalent) on them…

  7. What time do you have lunch I wonder? Because my dragging hour is 2 to 3 but I know I have my lunch early comparatively at midday. So I was wondering if the hour that needs banning is the hour that is an hour after lunch… Although I have to tread carefully or having lunch early will be banned 😉

  8. So they have become a commodity and I refuse to spend more than £10-£15 (equivalent) on them…

    Which makes sense, but I use them so often I can’t stand bad quality anymore. It’s a tricky balance.

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