Not a happy camper

In the ongoing saga of Montagny versus Superleague, it looks as though our favourite Frenchman is still not happy, particularly after events at Brands Hatch this weekend.

In this week’s Autosport magazine (available digitally here), they suggest that the team behind the football name Barazi-Epsilon gave priority to Tristan Gommendy when it came to pitstops. Franck said:

“We had good pace here, we were fast, but I think we gave away a podium finish at least. I like the series, I like the cars but I’m quite upset again with the team. I was screaming at them to let me pit, but it was a big mess and lack of communication.”

Poor Franck.

4 thoughts on “Not a happy camper

  1. He doesn’t sound at all happy. I am surprised he is not getting better treatment since he is meant to be big mates with the guy who runs the team and has driven for him in other series in the past.

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