Return of the mug

It’s been a while since I perused the mug scene, and since then I have been more interested in drinking hot chocolate and cups of tea (not in this weather, obviously). That being the case, the innovation that is taking place in the mug world is even more fascinating.

I mean, who would have thought you would one day be able to properly hug a mug?

They call it “the cosiest mug ever” and I can see why. Clutching at a mug on a cold day is fabulous (although I can’t actually remember what cold weather is). Apparently there is some kind of double insulation going on so that you can hug your mug straight away without getting burnt hands.

I don’t know what you do if your fingers don’t really fit in the holes, and the weird handles (presumably designed for your thumb) mean you wouldn’t be able to hold it properly, but still, I like this idea.

Perhaps hugging a mug is not your thing, and you’d rather stay as far away from the drink as you can, then this may be the mug for you – the Plain Lazy Self Stirring Mug.

The blurb says:

We all know someone who can barely be bothered to lift a spoon to stir their tea, in fact they are probably the sort of person who won’t have sugar just so they don’t have to stir it themselves! The Plain Lazy mug, with its self stirring technology is made just for this type of person!

I dunno. I’ve never met anyone that couldn’t be bothered to stir their tea – is it really so much of a hassle? Even so, I like the idea of a button on the handle, it makes it more like a kettle. The battery, though, means your mug is now not safe for a dishwasher which is a bit of a pain if you’re a lazy person – are you likely to be bothered to wash it up?

This next mug is one for people who really aren’t lazy – the Chalk Mug.

This one is pretty self explanatory… and also pretty awesome! There are other, similar ideas such as a graffiti mug, one that you can play noughts and crosses on and even a Battleship game. I like the simple chalk though.

As is this next one – Henry Hoover Mug!

It’ll go perfectly with the Desktop Henry Hoover we talked about previously. It’s not subtle, and you’ll likely get questions about it all the time, but honestly, who doesn’t want a bit of Henry Hoover in their lives?

3 thoughts on “Return of the mug

  1. I love the idea of a mug with hand indents. What an awesome thing for warming up your hands on a cold day. I wish I had one of those the only time I ever bought Bovril. Standing at a football match in the advanced stages of hypothermia I decided I had no option but get a Bovril. Not to drink but to warm my hands up enough so I could fish the car key out of my pocket and open the door with it.

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