Dear America…

David Mitchell’s Soapbox is back! I know you have probably known this for a while, but I have only just caught up with it. I love, love, love these two episodes, because they’re about words and language.

I think I actually said “I could care less recently” and I have no idea where it came from or why I said it. I hated myself afterwards because as Mr M points out, it makes no sense!

The recall at the end of each soapbox is always good, too.

3 thoughts on “Dear America…

  1. I have never heard of David Mitchell’s soapbox.

    I agree with him….er with the queen that “I could care less” is an incredibly stupid phrase. It really annoys me that people say the opposite of what they mean.

  2. i absolutely love the ‘Dear America’ podcast, i remember thinking how awesome it was when i first watched it 🙂

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