What makes the news

The most read item on the BBC as I type this is stunning.

TV star Declan Donnelly was amongst hundreds of football fans in London who missed England’s all-important World Cup goal after a power cut.

“We were watching the game in a pub in Kew,” Donnelly told the BBC news website. “One minute before the goal, the power went.”

Hey, you know what? I didn’t get to see any of the match. Where’s my news item?

3 thoughts on “What makes the news

  1. Whilst a nation criticises the football team, I know the English will come together as poor Dec has to deal with this crisis. As someone who does a proper job, I know that Dec will get through this stronger and a better person, and when the next England performance comes, we will all be there missing the game so he can see it.

    God speed, Daahahahahahhahaa, haha, oh I can’t keep it up any longer. Is this news? Really? BBC, you disappoint me.

  2. Since moving away from the UK, I now understand why there is such a negative view of the England football team. I was shocked at yesterday’s coverage – OK, so the Brian Blessed battle cry was pretty cool, but after the game, the BBC went way over the top bigging up England’s chances. News stories like this are typical of the attitude towards the team and the cup in general and it’s easy to see why many are sick of it all. It’s overkill.

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