So far so good

It’s always exciting when I find a Montagny mention on Autosport, as I usually go there in search of F1 news – and he is pretty hard to find in that section! However, they’re making a special Le Mans effort, and we have word from the great man himself. The word is: mega!

During the transition between practice and qualifying, FKM speculated:

I had 35 laps on the tyres, it’s not as good as a new set of tyres, and when there’s soft tyres and no fuel, it’s going to be mega.

I am going to start using mega in sentences. It’s about time that made a comeback.

Now, I didn’t see much of the action yesterday, but all reports suggest that Franck is relaxed and happy ahead of the race, and he thinks he’s going to win. Peugeot have made the best possible start.


1. Montagny/Sarrazin/Minassian P1 Peugeot 908 3:20.024
2. Lamy/Bourdais/Pagenaud P1 Peugeot 908 3:21.266
3. Panis/Lapierre/Duval P1 ORECA Peugeot 908 3:21.514
4. Wurz/Davidson/Gene P1 Peugeot 908 3:23.605
5. Kristensen/McNish/Capello P1 Audi R15 3:23.935

Qualifying 1

1. Lamy/Bourdais/Pagenaud P1 Peugeot 908 3:19.711
2. Wurz/Davidson/Gene P1 Peugeot 908 3:20.317
3. Montagny/Sarrazin/Minassian P1 Peugeot 908 3:20.325
4. Panis/Lapierre/Duval P1 ORECA Peugeot 908 3:21.192
5. Bernhard/Dumas/Rockenfeller P1 Audi R15 3:23.578

The final two sessions of qualifying will take place later today, and then we will know who is on pole! It better be Franck.