Do we though?

There’s a new feature from WordPress called reblogging, and it was introduced via this blog post: We All Like to Reblog.

First up, thanks for telling me what I like.

Now, I have been really impressed with the sudden surge in development at WordPress. New themes are appearing all the time, and it seems as though they are really investing in making the platform more interesting.

That, in itself, could be of mild concern because we all know when new features start tumbling in, things usually start to go wrong. (Mentioning no names,

Still, I have seen nothing but good from WordPress so far, but their latest feature has me puzzled. Essentially, it is a way to ‘like’ posts – similar to the Google Reader sharing options. You find a post you enjoyed on any WordPress blog and you hit the ‘like’ button. That seems fine, although a lot of the comments appear to be complaining about overuse of the word ‘like’. It is a little bit Facebook, isn’t it?

Once you have ‘liked’ a post, you get more options and one of those is to reblog.

Now I am concerned. Reblog is essentially taking that post, creating a new post on your own blog and inserting a snippet of the original, with title and linkage, and hitting publish. It appears on your blog.

Fine, it has attribution and it’s only a snippet and it could be a good way to share and discover new, cool blogs. These days you can barely move for your content being RSS scraped, so encouraging good behaviour is, well, good.

There’s something about the word “reblog” though, that sets me on edge. It’s a Tumblr thing, I think, to repost something from someone else. Fundamentally, that feels wrong to me. Quote all you want, link away, of course. That is what the internet is for. But reblog? Really?

I’m clearly not the only unsettled one, as a further glance into the comments of that reblog post have a couple of people saying: “Uh, where is the opt-out?”

Of course there isn’t one, but that is a whole other rant.

So, to reblog or not to reblog, what do you think?

6 thoughts on “Do we though?

  1. I’m not convinced. Whilst I’m all for sharing quality blog posts with others, ‘reblogging’ isn;’t the answer for me. It kind of sounds like an extended retweet.

    If I find a good blog post I usually quote and link to it but I’d rather do it myself and talk further on whatever it discusses rather than simply rolling it out as a reblog.

    Reblog is a silly word.

  2. The response to the opt out comment is;

    “There’s no opt-out as it stands, but allowing others to reblog your posts will ultimately bring more people in to read your blog. If you’re concerned then you can still make a post private, or your entire blog private.”

    So either have everyone read it and potentially copy it, or have no-one read it.

    Good options WP! hmm

  3. If I find a good blog post I usually quote and link to it but I’d rather do it myself and talk further on whatever it discusses rather than simply rolling it out as a reblog.

    That’s interesting too. It reminds me of retweets on Twitter. Initially I was against the retweet button but now I can see the good in it – because people can’t change your words, the tweet stands as it was posted.

    I wonder how it works on reblogging.

    Of course, it doesn’t help that I can’t find an example of anyone using it yet. Then we’d have more information!

  4. i can see why they’re doing it. i can’t imagine it will be popular. what problem does it solve that copy/paste doesn’t already?

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  6. I’m generally a WordPress fan, they are leaving Blogger trailing in the development race. Which doesn’t make me happy as I use Blogspot!

    I think it is only going to be of use to lazy bloggers who re-print other people’s articles. If they are too lazy to write their own stuff, they might be too lazy to copy and paste and at least the original writer might now at least get a credit.

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