A stupid name for a great phone

I am the proud owner of a new HTC Desire and it is fabulous!

My G1 finally came to the end of it’s useful life. That or my contract came up for renewal so I went for the upgrade. To be fair to the G1, I was a seriously early adopter, I got a lot of use out of it, and it only occasionally let me down. By the end, though, it was a bit creaky. The battery was all but useless, and it’s ability to pick up signals could only be jump-started by switching it on and off again.

What a revelation the Desire has been.

With shiny new Android software, a fantastic camera and a mind-blowing screen, I am, so far, a very satisfied customer. I’ve only had it for about a week, so I need more time to report on all the features, but I wanted to tell a couple of stories about T Mobile customer service. Get this – they are good!

I requested an upgrade online and waited anxiously for my new phone. I waited. And waited. “Where is my new phone?” I shouted at the G1. Poor thing.

The T Mobile site offers a few options for contacting them, and right at the very bottom? A Twitter account. I opted for that, my first experience of tweeting a company support system. The way T Mobile do it is curious indeed. The Twitter account “opens” between 8:30am and 5pm, where presumably someone is just sitting there, waiting to help you out. I got a response immediately, which involved direct messaging them (I hate the DM feature on Twitter so very much, but that is a whole other post), emailing them, and sorting it out.

Thing is, the person I emailed replied pretty much straight away, and they were a human being. The Desire was out of stock, and my order was ready to be processed when the next batch came in. I replied saying I would just have to be patient. I got another reply, and it contained a ‘lol’. Fantastic! An actual person, not a corporate drone, gave me the answer immediately. Well done T Mobile, and well done Twitter.

My other story is only brief, I somehow managed to break the charger within hours of owning the phone, so that I had to rush out and buy a new one. Walking into a shop and saying: “Do you sell chargers for the Desire?” is a horrible sentence, but they aren’t phased. They must also get questions like “Do you sell Tattoo chargers?” which is just weird. HTC – stop it now.

Anyways, the nice man behind the counter was actually using a Desire at the time, and when I was handing over the money, he showed me what he was doing – emulating some Nintendo games, I think. He went: “Look at this… oh, I died. Because I was serving you.”

It made me laugh, although it also made me feel a bit guilty. Sorry nice man in the shop for ruining your Street Fighter experience. Console yourself with the knowledge that my fabulous new phone is now fully charged.

10 thoughts on “A stupid name for a great phone

  1. I’ve thought of getting an HTC a couple of times, but one of the main things holding me back is thought of carrying round mi iPod Touch and a smart phone. Is that annoying? Should I just get an iPhone?

    (I’ve currently got a very old, but small, nokia that can only call and text.)

  2. Is that annoying? Should I just get an iPhone?

    As a girl, I get to carry them in my bag, so it’s not really annoying at all. I also use them for distinct things – I don’t listen to music or anything on the phone. It depends how you use it, really.

  3. Glad you like it.
    I got mine through Vodafone actually my first contract & smartphone.
    I never needed one before as I had a palm & then an ipod touch which I got last year.

    The Desire is getting Android 2.2 hopefully this summer
    It will get full Adobe flash support then & WiFi hotspot capability which will be handy and I can rub it in my brothers face as his an iPhone developer.

    Good point about the charger its flimsy I got a dock from mobilefun.co.uk that will charge a spare battery too.

    I use a mega drive emulator on mine it will keep me entertained on the way to Silverstone.

    Which ill be tweeting pictures from going for MotoGP aswell a couple of weeks before

  4. Only 18 months until we ‘re due to get Universal Chargers
    Micro USB’s all round!

    I hear in Japan, mobile chargers are optional as they don’t feel the need to change them for each new model introduction

  5. I got mine through Vodafone actually my first contract & smartphone.

    Ah, I likes Vodafone. I had to switch to get the G1, and I’m too lazy to switch back again 🙂

  6. I did the opposite lol
    Switched from T-Mobile been with them for years since it was One 2 One
    But their signal where I live just went downhill

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