Superleague round 2 – Assen race 2 report

I sacrificed watching some of the Monaco GP to tune in to Franck for the second race at Assen. When I switched over, he was being interviewed on the grid, and didn’t sound too optimistic about what they could do.

Franck started fourth, though, which was the only bonus of retiring from the first race. At the first corner, he moved up to third with some great work. He held station there, but closed up to the leaders as they were scrabbling for position.

Came out of the pitlane in fifth place, although there was some concern that he might have cut the line on his way out. FKM found himself following a battle of two cars fighting for a virtual second place. It was great because even though the other two were doing all the work, we got plenty of footage of Franck.

He managed to get past the green car for third place, which he held until the finish.

Girondins de Bordeaux are now up to 14th in the championship with 63 points. That’s still quite low down but Franck is ahead of Bourdais amongst others, and close to several teams above as well.

Next week we’re off to Magny-Cours.