Taste Twenty Trial – 2. Goat’s Cheese & 3. Lardy Cake

If you remember back to the first brand new food I tried as part of my New Year Resolutions, it was a fruit that did not go down very well. Slippery slimy thing that lives on in my memory.

For the second two new foods I tried, I went for something I had at least heard of and understood what to expect when it came to the eating.

Goat’s Cheese

Eh-hem, other supermarkets are available.

I had a crusty bread roll and some creamy white goat’s cheese, and you know what? It was just like any other soft cheese, although perhaps a little bit stronger. It was slightly sharper, maybe even a bit sour, but not by any means bad. I probably wouldn’t seek it out as a must-have when I go down the cheese aisle, but it went down very well.

Lardy Cake

Well, the name isn’t exactly endearing, but lardy cake is a traditional kind of cake from Wiltshire, apparently. I like all the ingredients, sugar, currants, cake, but the way it’s laid out in a lardy cake doesn’t appeal. The layer of crunchy, lardy sugar at the bottom wasn’t nice at all – so much so that I cut that bit off and just enjoyed the cake bit instead.

It’s a bit like those cinnamon swirly bun things you can have, and I like those, but I didn’t like this.

Thank goodness there are only two more new foods to go!

3 thoughts on “Taste Twenty Trial – 2. Goat’s Cheese & 3. Lardy Cake

  1. Er Christine, if you are going to have French Toast, for “eat new food #4”, where on earth are you going to find Canadian Maple Syrup in England to pour on the French Toast?

    I mean you might find a few Tim Horton’s Donut shops somewhere in England (Try the International airports), and get a maple donut, but maple syrup? Good luck…

  2. Canadian maple syrup is quite easily available – there’s lots of cheap imitations, but the good supermarkets do have the real stuff!

  3. Goat’s cheese salad as a starter is very very nice, or a light meal if you go out to lunch somewhere. They put tomato, olive oil, etc with it.

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