Doctor Who: Series 5, Episode 5 – Flesh and Stone

I never really thought I was one of those fans who got angry about the idea of the Doctor and romance, but there it was.

When Amy was wandering around the forest by herself, eyes closed, panic rising, I felt for her. I couldn’t imagine anything worse. Then she went and ruined it by throwing herself at the Doctor and now I don’t really like her anymore.

I don’t remember the last time I felt so… sullen after finishing an episode.

The wrap up of the Angels story was good. I wasn’t sure about seeing them move. The thing about the angels has always been that you don’t see it. You blink, they appear right in front of you. To see them move makes it less psychological and more physical. They lost a little bit of the creep factor, but let’s be fair, they had stacks of it to start with, so they still rule.

I wasn’t 100% sure I knew what was going on with the crack in the wall thing. When the cleric was forgetting everyone around him, and stepping into the light. I can’t quite get my head around the “time being rewritten” topic. That’s okay though, I don’t mind not understanding everything.

River Song made up for some of the smugness I saw last week. I liked her a lot more in this episode, particularly how she looked after Amy and made the transporter work even though the Doctor shouted at her. Which he did a lot of, didn’t he? Shouting! He’s a very angry Doctor, and seems to get annoyed at all the questions people ask of him. Presumably because he doesn’t instantly have all the answers.

Do regenerations make you less intelligent? The Doctor is clearly still streets ahead of everyone around him, but it takes him a lot longer to get to the answer than it used to. A curious phenomenon. He admitted to another mistake this week, as well. Another mistake, another running theme.

So, the end. Yes. I loved watching the Doctor trying to be normal. The way he flicked at the engagement ring was awesome. The way he didn’t get what she was hinting at – also awesome. The rest really was not. It definitely ruined a great episode for me. It was always clear these two were going to have a really close relationship. Amy has been dreaming about him since she was a little girl, and he showed up exactly as she had always wanted and presumably, was more than she could have imagined. But honestly, have some decorum woman, please.

Next week’s episode looks like it brings along Rory – the obligatory extra-person-in-the-TARDIS one. I hope it puts an end to the kissing nonsense, because that is not what Doctor Who is about.

2 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Series 5, Episode 5 – Flesh and Stone

  1. Well Steven Moffat says its because she isn’t your usual loved up assistant. But isn’t it weird how almost all the Doctor’s assistants end up the centre of something going wrong with the universe?

  2. I am fed up of all the romance guff in the new Doctor Who. It is supposed to be a rollicking adventure and the Doctor should be aside such matters. They gave the first Doctor a grand-daughter so he could get on with romance-free adventures without suggestions he was gay (back when they thought it mattered).

    We have had Rose and the Doctor in love, Martha fancying him, the romantic overtones of the Kylie Minogue episode. I had hoped with Moffet, that sort of rubbish was behind us.

    It is part of a bigger problem. I hate the way in action-type films the romantic story is artificially shoe-horned in. After all, if watching a romantic film, they do not shove in a car chase and a big explosion to broaden the appeal. I once watched a crime-action-mystery film that was largely ruined by knowing the husband did it, because how else were the writers going to have the detective get off with the wife at the end?

    I am not too keen either on the human interest stuff such as Rose’s Mum being distraught at her daughter disappearing for a year. It did not add to the plot so why waste our time with it?

    It could be worse. If Doctor Who was a Mexican production, every episode would probably feature a song-and-dance number.

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