Doctor Who: Series 5, Episode 3 – Victory of the Daleks

Ah, I know plenty of people have said it before, but it is so good to have regular episodes again. All that waiting to find out what the Doctor was going to do in his next special was not fun.

I really didn’t think much of this week’s story. It had tons of potential, Winston Churchill, a war room, Daleks on our side for once. It all got a bit crazy though, and as soon as they started changing colour, I kind of lost interest. As Mr C said:

“It’s all gone a bit Joseph.”

Nevertheless, it seems even when the story isn’t that strong, the writing for the Doctor himself (and Amy) is brilliant.

The Jammy Dodger!

Also, would you ever have thought you’d hear a Dalek say: “Would you care for some tea?”

Amy is very tall, isn’t she? When they were walking down the corridor with Mr Churchill, she positively towered over the prime minister. I think it makes a difference that the Doctor doesn’t have to look down on his companion. She is every bit on his level.

I thought perhaps my take on last week’s episode – with him training her up more than bringing her along for the ride – was shot down a little this time. He disappeared off leaving her in the relative safety(!) of the London Blitz. She still managed to save the day, of course. Did he know that? Or was he really trying to keep her safe?

It was good that Amy had proper clothes on this time round, and also that she got to see how dangerous it can be travelling in the TARDIS. It’s all been crying children and cracks in the wall so far. This time, she watched people get exterminated by Daleks and sent Spitfires into space (what was that about?). She’s seen the downsides now and still wants to be there. Excellent.

The Doctor himself is really quite angry, isn’t he? I can’t blame him for wanting to take an oversized wrench to the Dalek’s head, but it’s so very out of character. DT was all talk, talk, talk.

The Doctor still is, of course. And did I mention the Jammy Dodger?

I heart the fact that he’s always late. Along with the crack in the universe, that seems to be a theme. The Doctor is always late, and Amy always gets to say something about Scotland. Are these important or just running jokes?

7 thoughts on “Doctor Who: Series 5, Episode 3 – Victory of the Daleks

  1. Apparently the new daleks were designed by Jobs … But we’ll see was a good one, the new actors are doing very well, and yes Amy is v. tall but the Dr. Is too quite tall… So it’s all good…

  2. Only issue I have with the episode was it seemed as if it was a rethread of “Power of the Daleks” with Star Wars pits stuck on – which is disappointing.
    Decent episode all the same, but there was deja vu aplenty

  3. I oddly enjoyed this episode more than last weeks, even though i too wasn’t keen on the theme. I think i’m finally getting used to the Doctor… but i still can’t help thinking how different it is. I’m not sure I like the angry doctor much. Amy is really growing on me though. I think this could be the first series where i like the assistant more than the doctor.

  4. I have been very pleased with Matt Smith… This was the weakest episode but yes Pond is great and Matt is also great… I’d like to go back to a comment I made in January 2009!!! about what I thought about the future of the doctor on this very blog:

    I think he might just work. He has to be able to be different than David Tennant. He can’t just be a cheap knock off.
    My thought is that he could work quite well as the kind of Doctor who seems (see what I did there to not have his power sorted out yet. To be quite arrogant with it. But also show that he’s quite scared of it. He needs to learn how to be a better Doctor. And he might well start off being quite a scary Doctor. Might work…
    Anyway I think he can do it – just. But only because they had to make a clean break. I think some of the other people who were mentioned we could imagine exactly what their Doctors would have been, and in general my reaction was “seen it”. They had already established themselves. What they needed, and what they may have got, is a Doctor who doesn’t know who he is yet… let alone us know who he is.

    I think this has turned out to be true… And while I’m not a one to say I’d told you so… 🙂 I think we’re going to see more of that confused and angry doctor.

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