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With the invention of the iPad pretty much scrapping any chance of me getting a Kindle any time soon, I’ve been starting to look at the concept of reading books on the iPod Touch. My first experience came only from seeing the words Doctor Who on an app in a top ten list somewhere.

The Enhanced Editions, er, edition of Code of the Krillitanes by Justin Richards. It’s one of those Quick Read books, designed to encourage new or less confident readers to pick up books and get started.

The story itself wasn’t exactly stunning – a standard Doctor Who adventure, where he lands somewhere in the UK, finds a problem, and fixes it. A lot of it was predictable, and as a quick read book, the writing wasn’t very stretching. That’s fine, though, I was expecting nothing less, and it was still an entertaining read for £1.79.

What I did enjoy was the environment the book was in. The contents, previous and next buttons are all good. Scrolling around the page was smooth, and I particularly liked the fact it measured how far you were through the book in terms of a percentage. A fabulous way of judging where you are compared to your friends. There are tons of options, more of which are listed on the Enhanced Editions website.

The only problem I face now is that there aren’t really any other books I want to read from them at the moment. But I am definitely keeping an eye out for more!

3 thoughts on “Enhanced Editions

  1. I think the liquid ink screen on the Kindle is very easy on the eyes, it feels just like reading a book. The Touch / iPad are going to be more like reading on a computer. I can’t quite decide where I stand; reading something book like or reading a computer screen (and getting eye strain over long periods) with cool features.

  2. I have been reading some books on an iphone while I have had one again for a few weeks. The program is Stanza. I think it’s really quite good. Stanza will download books straight from a web site in epub format, and there are quite a lot of free books to download on various web sites.

    I have almost got through one of Cory Doctorow’s books “Down and out in the magic kingdom”. The only problem is I have to give the phone back tomorrow and haven’t finished the book!

    Reading on such a small screen does have a downside, you find yourself “turning” pages quite often. That’s something the iPad will fix.

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