Hands that (don’t) do dishes

A few weeks ago I discovered I had the world’s smallest problem. A tiny patch of skin between the knuckles of my little finger and the next one up on my left hand had got a bit dry.


Now, you may remember, if you ever watched the video from my attempt at making mince pies, that I’m not really a fan of putting things on my hands. When it was suggested that all I needed was a bit of hand cream, I was filled with dread and had no idea where to start.

I immediately uttered a cry for help from that inimitable resource – Twitter.

I am noting the responses I got, both on Twitter and Facebook, so I can refer back if I ever need to:

  • l’occitane
  • superdrug’s ‘hand therapy’
  • GNLD
  • E45
  • Tesco hand & nail cream
  • that cocoa butter thing
  • nivea hand nourishing cream
  • Quince honey farm
  • dramatically different lotion by Clinique
  • Lavender hand cream by L’Occitane
  • Cetaphil
  • some Avon stuff

Thank you to everyone who responded, it was fabulous doing some research. Of course, I ignored all the advice, and picked the smallest tube I could find in the shop. I didn’t want to spend too much on something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to use.

The process was not pleasant, and I started out by putting the tiniest bit on the problem area. Then I got a bit braver and eventually I was actually doing the whole hand-rubbing-together-till-it-dries thing. I liked the smell of the stuff, it reminded me of my mother.

Anyway, it’s all worked out well as we’re now about ten days on and my hands are all smooth and lovely again. Question is, do I have to keep using this stuff? And more importantly, could I actually face doing it forever?

9 thoughts on “Hands that (don’t) do dishes

  1. I hate the feeling of rubbing my hands together, it makes me want to throw up. So I’m not a big fan of putting stuff on my hands either 😀 #sameperson

  2. I use a greasy foot cream on my hands when I go to bed – as the air is so dry in Denmark that my hands get so dry the skin cracks. Within two days the problem starts to go away. I use it most nights and it works wonders…

  3. Question is, do I have to keep using this stuff?

    Probably not every day. You should be fine just using it occasionally, but in the winter you’ll need to use it a bit more often because your skin dries out more.

  4. Christine,

    First you should know although I am not concerned with how “lovely” my hands are. However I do dislike dry spots, of which I have many due to my (old) age and hobbies which involve a lot of outdoor manual work.

    Here in the colonies (U.S.) we use a wonderful product named ‘Bag Balm’. The Kelly Green cube-shaped can contains 280 gms of petroleum jelly and lanolin with 0.3% 8-Hydroxly Quinoline Sulphate, added to give the illusion of helpful medical benefit. The product tout says, “Since 1899 Bag Balm has been the farmer’s friend helping keep dairy cows from becoming chapped from the harsh Vermont environment. It’s like having another hand on the farm or a helper around the house. Bag Balm works hard all year round-and works well. There’s nothing like the original, and that’s what you get when you buy the familiar green can.” So, if this product isn’t available in the UK, perhaps we can arrange a CARE package so you too can go “Old School”. Bob (Sidepodcast fan)

  5. I have spent a lot of time handling chemicals and occasionally I have ended up with dry skin as a result. The best cream I have ever found is Vaseline intensive care although I know people who swear by E45.

  6. We’ve had some excellent feedback about the clear up of eczema with NewGenn products – none are harsh or alcohol based and we’re UK / EU based. I can get a sample to you for your experiment?

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