Baby Panda Thursday #52

I think it’s time we had another Etsy edition of Baby Panda Thursday, starting with this rather cute note card:

5×5 baby panda note card

I never really have any need for note cards but there are some really nice ones available.


This is similar to the Mr Panda that I bought a while ago, but there’s something about the lack of detail on this one that I like.

Panda Print

I love the colours on this, and the idea of the panda perching on a lilypad. Do pandas like water?

2 thoughts on “Baby Panda Thursday #52

  1. I need a really big warning on these posts when there are Etsy links, as I have no self-control. I’ve been looking for art for the duaghter’s bedroom, but now I have to choose between all those gorgeous prints, and it’s going to cost me a fortune!

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