Empty your pockets

I don’t know if you would technically count this as stationery, but it does fall under the organisation category, so we’ll go with it for now.

The ‘Empty Your Pockets’ organiser is one of those things that you don’t really need – any box would do – but the efficiency of it appeals to me.

Most of my stuff stays in my bag, as you can imagine, but sometimes I come home and throw my keys around, and I know a certain other person in the household is always searching for his. I like the covered pocket, as well, for things that you don’t necessarily need to have in easy view.

One thought on “Empty your pockets

  1. I have a totally mad approach to this. My keys wallet etc live in my trousers. So when I change trousers I move stuff from one to the other. At night you have to arrange the trousers in a specific way to make it work but it does work.

    Otherwise everything would be lost all the time.

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