A Superleague debut

Thanks to F1 Wolf who pointed out this tweet from Adam Cooper (how friend of a friend is this?):

Franck Montagny is the latest ex-F1 guy to sign up with the Superleague Formula series.

The official Superleague site has the news, and here’s the basics. The Superleague Formula was introduced in 2008, as a way to cross over the divide between football and motorsport fans. The teams are all football clubs, the drivers are all motorsport guys, and supposedly we are all supposed to enjoy the mix.

I’m not so sure.

Franck will be joining a brand new French team – FC Girondins de Bordeaux – for the 2010 season. The Superleague site already has a fabulous picture of Mr M. Here’s a quote from him about the new appointment:

“I’m delighted and I can’t wait to participate in this championship, especially with its expanded calendar and continued growth. Superleague Formula will allow me to meet some old friends from F1 and other categories again. The involvement of Barazi-Epsilon, with whom I have already achieved great things in the past, as well as FC Girondins de Bordeaux, the current French champions, makes this challenge very motivating for me.”

I’m going to have to do some investigation about this Formula, find out where they race and where we can watch it. It looks like we have a new series to follow, my fellow Franck fans!

5 thoughts on “A Superleague debut

  1. It sounds corny and over-commercial but it’s very entertaining.

    They are nearly as fast as F1 cars, yet they can overtake. Hmm…

  2. A quick run down of Superleague Formula from what I’ve seen of it:

    1) Each car represents a football team, so a bit like A1GP (RIP) where each car represented a country. All cars are the same, but are usually paired for preparation by actual racing teams.

    2) Teams win championships, not drivers. So Franck will not get the kudos for winning races. Franck might start out driving for Bordeaux, but in true football spirit he might end up being “transferred” during the season. If he does, he doesn’t carry the points he has earned

    3) They do a weird qualifying thing for Race 1, a bit like a football tournament – 2 groups of qualifying then a team vs team knockout stage, comprising of one-on-one, one-lap shootouts.

    4) Race 2 is a complete reverse grid. Lots of overtaking. Very exciting stuff!

    5) There’s sometimes a Race 3, a dash for the cash between the top 3 in race 1 & 2.

    Well that’s the basics. I saw a lot of the first year, pretty much zip of the second year, but I’ll think I’ll be tuning in to see it, at least for the first race weekend.

  3. Darn, can’t believe Spurs missed out on this transfer. Would have added an extra edge into the team, a potential to be a real fan favourite and help get the team into the top 4.

    The cliches are endless

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