Slow down, I can’t tape in these heels

I requested some sticky tape and then made the mistake of taking a couple of days off. The stationery catalogue is hidden away in my filing cabinet, but someone must have found it and placed an order.

When I mentioned this over on Sidepodcast, the reaction was instant and very divided. As an over-generalisation, the girls hate it and the boys think it’s funny.

I’m sure you already know what I think of it.

So, here I am going to run an informal poll in the comments. What do you think of the tape in the shoe?

17 thoughts on “Slow down, I can’t tape in these heels

  1. Well, it’s perhaps the sort of thing a well-meaning parent might buy your girlfriend for a gift because she once turned up to the house wearing red shoes for a night out six months previously. They are desperately pleased they remembered and you are mortified they bothered 🙂

  2. You need to extract revenge on this person, as you have told us it is the same person who gave you the singing Christmas Tree!

  3. I don’t know why you’re digging your heels in over this, have you got no sole?
    Sorry, to put the boot in but if the shoe fits…

  4. My 4yo daughter would like it very much. I think that makes it not a great idea for an office.

    I think that sums it up completely!

  5. At the risk of having Christine put her foot down, I think it is funny, but in a silly way. I wish that I could say that you would never find weird stuff like this on my desk, but I happen to be in the market for a German World War I Pickelhaube with the spikehead design on top to use as either a hat rack (For my Boston Red Sox baseball cap) or a place to put post it notes when finished…

    Sorry me, the roll of tape itself is still functional, it still binds things together, and the tape holder (The thing that looks like a high heel) is still functional as it allows the roll of tape to freely spin on a roller while the user is removing tape fromthe roll….. It is just the design that is quirky…

    Point is…….. if the shoe fits…

  6. Nick in Dubai has written almost exactly what I was going to put. Amusing, but I would be embarrassed to have it on my desk.

  7. My comment is on the twitpic, but it reads like “its the kind of ugly tacky red that Renault would choose.”

  8. My comment is on the twitpic, but it reads like “its the kind of ugly tacky red that Renault would choose.”


  9. It could have been a lot worse and at least now no-one can nick your tape dispenser and claim that they have had one for ages.

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