Peugeot announce their 2010 plans

Peugeot Sport held a press conference this week to confirm their plans and drivers for the year ahead. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of Franck talk, but that’s probably because a lot of the focus was on new boy Anthony Davidson. The 5live commentator will be getting behind the wheel alongside Marc Gené and Alexander Wurz. Davidson gets to be in the number 1 car, whilst Franck remains in the #2, with his French companions.

Peugeot boss Oliver Quesnel said of the lineup:

Franck Montagny, Nicolas Minassian and Stéphane Sarrazin complement each other perfectly in every way and are delighted to be working together.

A man of many words.

Two of the cars will be running in Sebring which I don’t think includes Franck, but then all three will appear at the 1,000km of Spa, and of course, 24 Hours of Le Mans. There’s more information available here.

Looking further ahead, the Peugeot Sport press release says:

Peugeot Sport is also working on life after Le Mans and, at the moment, there are two further races on the calendar for the 908 HDi FAP: the Le Mans Series round at Silverstone in England, in September, then – assuming it is confirmed by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest – the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup race in Shanghai, China. For Peugeot Sport, the second half of the year is also the time to look to the future, specifically the immediate future and the new 2011 regulations, which signal the start of a new era for endurance racing. Some of the new rules have already been a announced, which means work can now begin a new car.

A new car sounds exciting. Let’s hope they don’t require a whole new team to go with it! It’s going to be fun watching Franck at Le Mans again, particularly as this year he is going to win.

One thought on “Peugeot announce their 2010 plans

  1. The 2011 rules are apparently going to be very different from those in force (and may allow for hybrids). The main changes are apparently aero (they may also ban roofed cars), and they are trying to reduce the advantage Diesel (Peugeot and Audi) have over Petrol (Aston, Acura, Porsche, Courage, Oreca, Zytek and Lola derivatives).

    Problem is, as Quesnel referred to, the rules have not been set in concrete in so nobody knows how to design a car. Seeing as these guys are just as serious as F1 in terms of design and engineering, it does not give the teams lots of time to design and build a car…

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