The End of Time

I’ve left it a while to write about the last David Tennant episode of Doctor Who because I was trying to convince myself that it hadn’t actually finished, and that he was still floating around in his tardis somewhere.

I have plenty of questions about the story itself, including why Time Lords would want time to end, who the Time Lord woman is and how she got through when no one else could, why the Doctor had so much time before he regenerated, and where the Master disappeared to.

None of that really matters though, because it was the perfect ending. The Time Lords really shouldn’t have been brought back as a simple point in the plot, but at the same time it’s right that they weren’t responsible for the end of the Tenth Doctor. No major spoilers, but as Russell T Davies says, it’s right that it comes down to a personal moment right at the end.

I wasn’t impressed with the initial viewing of Matt Smith’s Doctor, and like I said, I was intent on not watching any more series and instead believing the tardis had sailed off into the sunset.

However, then I watched Doctor Who Confidential, and Matt Smith’s moments seemed a lot better. I’m not sure about Geronimo, but knowing the story behind those scenes, and how he was really up against it, I like it just a little bit more. I might give the new Doctor a chance.

Finally, on the subject of the BBC Three series… I totally cried. I never cry at this stuff. I didn’t cry when Billie left and I didn’t cry when Tennant regenerated. But I cried watching him try to hold it together whilst he was showered in confetti.

I don’t know if that’s the kind of legacy David wants, but there you go.

4 thoughts on “The End of Time

  1. Yay Dr Who! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dr Who Confidential was so emotional! I got all blubbery watching David trying to hold it together to say a big thank you to everyone, and you coudl tell he was really gonna miss them all. i think we’ll all miss him as the Doctor but I do give all my support to Matt Smith, I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna bring under the watch of Stephen Moffat.

    Regarding the episodes for the finale, I enjoyed them. I agree that there were things involved that didn’t need to be there, especially the Time Lords storyline which was incredibyl saturated and could have led to huge things in the future for later storyline arcs, but the ending was wonderful. Yes, the final 20 minutes was a big goodbye to many characters created and enhanced by Russell T Davies, but those five words from the Doctor before his end were utterly perfect.

    Also, Geronimo? Hmmm… we’ll see. Cheesy, but we’ll see. ๐Ÿ™‚ if only Mr Tennant’s Doctor was still floating about somewhere and that ending never really happened…

    The most crushing part of either episode and confidential personally were the final scenes with Wilf. Upon arrival of the final battle and Wilf running into that little booth, you knew he was gonna get trapped. But that knocking, as obvious as it was, was heartbreaking for me. And his goodbye to the Doctor at Donna’s wedding was just wonderful and despite his little time in the show, it’s amazing how much character they put behind Wilf and I’ll definitely miss him too.

  2. I am going to say that for some reason I never “got” David Tennant as the Doctor…

    I think I was so surprised that Christopher Ecclestone was so good that somehow David Tennant always seemed a bit of a comic book character after that… and sorry guys, I just never believed him…

    That mean’t that I didn’t watch as avidly as most did but I did catch the last episodes… and the tying up of the various strands in the last few minutes was very well done and I can see why Kleenex sales were definitely up after the programme….

    Oh… and wouldn’t a Panda be great in the show?….

  3. I’ve watched the episodes and confidential once. Right now I don’t think I can watch either of them another time. I am really going to miss Tennantโ€™s Doctor, whilst Ecclestone was the first one I watched, Tennant is the reason I became hooked on all things Doctor Who. Whilst I do dislike Smith right now I’m sure he’ll do fine and I’ll enjoy watching him but I’ll still want Tennant!

    I’ll try to answer your questions Christine, the time lords wanted time to end to escape physical existence and the time war. They wanted to ascend to become even more powerful. The identity of the women was left a mystery so Moffat could use it he ever wanted to. From what I’ve seen speculation runs from her being the Doctor’s mother, daughter, granddaughter (Susan) to even being a regenerated Donna because what the Doctor does when Wilf asks, he looks across at Donna. The Master is either dead or was sucked back into the time war, no one knows again left open to bring the character back.

    As for the drawn out regeneration I see it as being part of his not wanting to die as well as RTD wanting to put as many of his creations in one episode as possible.

  4. The elapsed time between the Doctor knowing he was about to regenerate and it actually happening was probably pretty short, he’s a Time Lord after all. I did think it was a bit over-long, but the bit at the end with Rose was a brilliant touch.

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