Christmas with The Archers

The storyline with Pip wanting to leave college is really annoying me. I can understand David and Ruth’s reluctance for their daughter to make a rash decision, and the compromise of giving it another go for one more term is a good one. But they are so dead set against her leaving, praying that she’ll have changed her mind before another term is up, it makes me cringe. I did exactly what Pip wants to do, began A Levels but found it a waste of time so I left and got a job.

For a girl who knows exactly what she wants to do and presumably has a plum job just waiting for at home – why can’t she get on with it now? Compulsory education isn’t everything, and there is always the opportunity to pick it up later. It’s never too late.

I’m a bit surprised that the Helen and Leon story is over now. Perhaps I am too used to watching TV soaps like Eastenders where nothing stays secret for very long, but Annette isn’t actually going to get away with it, is she? I can’t stand to hear Helen fawning over her, knowing what a two-faced rat she really is. Having said that, the not-so-subtle references to Helen not eating must be leading up to something – so there could be another Annette-shaped blow for Miss Archer in the future.

On a side note to that, Ian really is too good to be true, isn’t he? He didn’t once say I told you so to Helen, and he leaves dinner for Adam every night whilst the poor bloke is out lambing. Plus, I am remembering a while back when he got punched in the face and didn’t want to do anything about it. Saint Ian?

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  1. What I want to know is where you get all your time from. Running Sidepodcast, your own blog, holding down a job, movie watching and now it seems obsessed with Radio 4 and Doctor Who. Are there enough hours in the day? Have you got one of this time twisters Hermione had in Harry Potter? 😉

  2. I started listening to ‘The Archers’ in 1986 just about the time Dan Archer died but stopped listening in about 2006.

    Helen has spent time in an anorexia residential clinic. She had moved in with Greg the gamekeeper (William used to be his assistant). He became moody and physically belligerent, not hitting her but he did once push her out the way bruising her. Greg one day went to an out-building on the estate and blew his head off with his shotgun. Helen, back at Bridge Farm, stopped eating until persuaded into treatment by her family.

    I would watch out for Debbie Aldridge’s new beau. She left University to get away from a lecturer that had cheated on her and years later re-met him, married him, and divorced him for cheating on her. Like Helen she has had a string of disastrous relationships, including Simon Pemberton which ended when he severely beat her up. I see from Wikipedia she is dating a flirty man. It will end in tears.

    One afternoon, I cycled up Ladywood Road (famous for it’s Balti cuisine) in Birmingham stopping to call in at a couple of shops. I listened to ‘The Archers’ that evening and Usha was holding a dinner party and confessed to her guests that she had bought the food that afternoon on the Ladypool Road. I immediately thought, “Oh I wonder if I saw her?”, and then felt very foolish!

  3. Reply to Richard Elliot – Whenever I see her she is usually watching a film or television program on demand ( or iplayer is it?) on one screen, commenting or blogging on another and reading a book at the same time. I don’t know how she does it either. I have found a way to stop her though, rattle the foil from a bar of chocolate or the crinkle the bag of a packet of crisps. And they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so is hers….

  4. I would watch out for Debbie Aldridge’s new beau.

    I think his name is Marshal. He has only been in it once, because they both live in a far off place, Hungary or somesuch. I’m not sure whether he is flirty or not, I think he was just charming to Jennifer, but then you would be to your potential mother-in-law.

  5. Well Debbie lives in a far off land of “has a tv career now thanks very much, but doesn’t want to permanently cut off the possibility of coming back to a radio career.”

    The Pip story line really annoys me too as I was forced into going to university, and remember the 1 extra term conversation. But at the same time I kind of like it in that whenever I feel really annoyed by something on the Archers it means that I care I guess.

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