Leave the Maze alone

Rumour has it that Amanda Holden is going to present a new game show based on the Crystal Maze. I  can’t tell you how many parts of that sentence are just so. very. wrong.

It’s not just that she is completely the wrong person to continue the tradition of Mazing. It’s that there are reportedly celebrities being lined up to play. And why is it “based on” the game? What tweaks are they going to make to completely ruin it?

I can’t really put it better than this post from Lucy Jones of the Guardian.

Not since Vernon Kay managed to ruin eight game shows (The Price Is Right, Blockbusters, Blankety Blank, The Golden Shot, Name That Tune, Mr & Mrs, Bullseye and Play Your Cards Right ) by presenting Gameshow Marathon in 2007 has our legacy of light entertainment been so traduced.

I had to Google “traduced” but still, I agree. This cannot happen.

10 thoughts on “Leave the Maze alone

  1. I can’t see how this will work. They brought back The Krypton Factor recently, I was looking forward to it but it wasn’t the same. At least it wasn’t a ‘celeb’ version – what is this obsession they have with celebs? ITV even had an impressions show the other day, in which celebrities impersonated other celebrities. Barmy.
    Crystal Maze is a classic and needs to be handled properly!
    I thought Vernon was pretty good at The Price Is Right and I liked the idea of the Marathon. The other shows (that I saw)… not so much.

  2. It seems odd that now there are no proper celebrities that every show on TV that used to have real people in it now has celebrities. If they are celebrities how is it that I have never heard of most of them. I thought celebrities were supposed to be famous.

    I used to love the Crystal Maze when Richard whathisname presented it and I can’t imagine anyone else doing it as well.

    I agree with Pat though. I think Vernon Kay did well with the gameshow marathon and I think that is because he doesn’t take himself too seriously and try “to make the shows his own”.

  3. It’s an absolute shambles. ITV have been produced under-par game shows for years now and the’re obviously changing tact and ruining classic game shows now for their own benefit. Can’t we just leave classic memories in our minds and let these shows rest for what they were instead of trying to modernise them? We all see how quickly the modern Gladiators fell out of favour and out of the british public’s scope…

    Furthermore, the fact they’re even considering Amanda Holden to present it is a damn outrage to be honest. she has the charisma and personality of a brick wall in comparison to what Richard O’Brien brought as a host to the Crystal Maze. What on earth were the people running ITV thinking to even bring her name up as a possibility? I personally don’t mind Vernon kaye, he can grind a little after a while but he’d a good host when he’s not overexposed and he would be better than Amanda Holden. Even the likes of Russel Brand would be better – the show needs an erratic, crazy and witty host to bring out the best in it!!

    It’s a shambles though, I really hope the idea dies away as soon as possible. It’s an insult to a classic creation.

  4. Given that she can barely move any part of her face any more, the almost visceral thrill of locking someone in a game room is going to be a bit…flat. Terrible idea. Simply terrible.

  5. I thought Tudor-Pole held his own, but he was no match to Mr O’Brien.

    I can’t begin to imagine what they were thinking. They watched an old episode of the show and said: “You know who’d be perfect for this?” Hmm.

  6. I thought Ant n Dec did the Gameshow Marathon thingy to celebrate 50 years of ITV or whatever it was, but maybe it was Vernon.

    No show these days seems to involve “real” people, everything has to be prefaced with the word Celebrity – I wouldn’t mind if I at least recognised half of them.

    Bring back Challenge Annika, though even then they would likely have her sprucing up celebs homes, installing a new heated pool for a poor underpaid footballer…

  7. I thought Ant n Dec did the Gameshow Marathon thingy to celebrate 50 years of ITV or whatever it was, but maybe it was Vernon.

    According to Wikipedia, it was Ant & Dec for series 1, and then Vernon did series 2 as the runner up of the first. Well remembered though!

  8. Sounds like a Celeb Big Bro task in extremis to me
    If it appears on ITV and you happen to watch it, then you only have yourself to blame

    fourstar is correct though – with Ms Holden fronting, it sounds more like an edition of Robot Wars in reverse

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