Smarter than your average resolutions

  1. Try five new foods
  2. Complete the archives of this site
  3. Make that fish video
  4. Reach Film Watch 50
  5. Go outside more

Okay, the last one isn’t exactly quantifiable, and that is the key to achievable goals, but still, it’s an aim. I’m keen to hear your resolutions, if you have any.

4 thoughts on “Smarter than your average resolutions

  1. 1. One down four to go. How exotic does the food have to be to qualify? Are we taking super dangerous food like Fugu (Japanese Raw Blowfish) or worse still, anything created by mr. C or ketchup on French Fries as opposed to Vingar?

    2. I have no clue as to the status on this one I am afraid…

    3. Interesting.

    4. You are up to 32 on the film watch list already. 18 more should be a slam dunk…..

    5. You are in the wrong country to be outside. Canada has more “Outside” than any country on the planet except for Russia. Plus we have Polar Bears, Marmots, Groundhogs and cookies (and some other desserts that not yet found their way to England yet, and so should be classified “New Food”…)

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