It’s down to the user to be sensible

I have returned with another episode of Media. Future. Change, catching up with some of the news from the past few weeks. Google have been dominating things recently, with lofty goals and tons of new products, but there’s plenty more to discuss in this episode.

It’s down to the user to be sensible

Coming up today we’ll discuss how you can celebrate New Year at home, why Switzerland isn’t a fan of Google, and when video viewers are switching off.

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Length: 09:10


Feedback, suggestions, stories and ideas for future shows are always welcomed in the comments. This is the bare bones of the project and there is much more to come.

2 thoughts on “It’s down to the user to be sensible

  1. The Photoshop iPhone app is available in the UK App Store, I have it.

    Ah-ha, that’s excellent news. It may not have been when I picked up on the story, which… was a while ago 🙂

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