Some might call it zen

When I first gave up Christmas, I was so anti-everything-even-slightly-resembling-the-C-word that it was a lot of effort. I blogged about it a lot, I made rules, I set up a website, I wrote articles and guidelines about how to avoid the festive season. It was exhausting and a lot of it made me very angry.

Everyone has to have a cause, I guess.

Now, with the benefit of several years experience, I have realised what the cause really is. I’m not anti-Christmas. I just want everyone to do what they want to do.

I was trying to explain this to some friends a week or so ago, and it really hit me when I said that exact phrase. “It’s not about avoiding everything Christmas. It’s not about refusing to pull a cracker or denying myself the joy of singing cheesy Christmas songs. It’s about not having to do something just because society expects you to, just because that is what everyone else is doing. I want everyone to do what they want to do, and enjoy themselves.”

It was quite a refreshing feeling, realising that it wasn’t a battle, it was actually the exact opposite. Wanting peace on earth to all men. Or something like that, anyway.

So, bring on the mince pies, and the ever-present Slade song, because Christmas is your time, and it’s about spending it the way you want to. (You might prefer to skip the Slade.)

6 thoughts on “Some might call it zen

  1. Meerkats should be allowed to pull crackers in September if they choose. Why should they have to wait till the middle of winter?

  2. Now this I like.

    Christmasses here are very very low key. Most years we don’t get around to putting up any decorations (except maybe a string of purple twinkly lights – currently in the windows of the Bug 🙂 ). Although this morning I found myself quite cheered by the prospect of ‘not doing christmas’… heck, I want to give gifts when I want to, not to someone elses timetable… (and aren’t unexpected presents at unexpected times the best ones anyway/??)

  3. Slade’s Noddy Holder still loves that song, it seems:

    Xmas in Denmark is totally different – no cheesy songs, no forcing to get gifts – it’s all about eating, drinking and enjoying each other’s company. I was going off Christmas when I lived in NZ (being in Summer didn’t help) but since moving here I have started to love it again.

    I think you have it spot on Mrs. Christine – just do what you want and enjoy yourself, not what everyone wants or forces you to do. If you want to not celebrate Christmas then it’s still a special day, as it’s a day off 😉

  4. I’ve got the ‘do what you want to’ bit sorted, now to work on the ‘enjoy yourself’ part.
    This year has some potential I think

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