The Chumby One

More than a year ago, I blogged about the cute and squishable Chumby, an internet gadget that seemed to just be a widget display showing you things like the weather, email and suchlike. I never bought one because at first it wasn’t available in the UK, then the option to ship it internationally became available but the gadget was just that little bit too expensive.

Now they have come out with the Chumby One, which is the next generation of Chumby. Firstly, the name makes me think of those campaigns to get innocent people out of jail. “Free the Chumby One!” That could just be me, though.

Aside from the name, they have completely ruined the Chumby. It is not squishy! Why would you buy a gadget that wasn’t squishy?

Chumby One


As a side note, the original Chumby is still available, now called the Chumby Classic. Maybe it will get cheaper.

3 thoughts on “The Chumby One

  1. I tried to buy one of the original ones around the same time as you blogged about it. But they weren’t and aren’t for sale here. I got a very snotty e-mail from them about why they couldn’t sell it here. And so I went off them as a company.

  2. They aren’t on sale here but can be shipped outside the US now which wasn’t an option when they were first launched.

    However, snotty emails are never necessary so if the Chumby One hadn’t made me go off them already, I would be going off them on your behalf.

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