Flying high

A few months ago, I posted my hastily edited video of Red Arrows footage, and I thought I did a pretty good job following those speedy little planes around the sky.

I love the Red Arrows. It’s bizarre because I do not like to fly, everything about the idea of being in the sky fills me with dread, I have nightmares about plane crashes that I’ve clearly made up, but I do love those planes.

Now, it has finally happened. The Red Arrows have picked a girl for the team!

This makes me super duper happy, and although Ms Moore says it was just a matter of timing that she ended up being the first woman to fly for the Red Arrows, I think she is probably freakishly happy about it too.

So, I’m jealous. Is it too late to become a pilot?

7 thoughts on “Flying high

  1. So, I’m jealous. Is it too late to become a pilot?

    I found out last week that it only costs about £4500 to get a private pilot’s license. I know that is a lot of money but I always thought it cost a lot more than that. You just have to stop Mr C buying a few eeepcs and you can fly.

  2. i suppose if you were both pilots it would make it easier to get from Rockall to the main land if you needed to 😉

  3. nope. you can learn with me. i’m gonna be a pilot too

    Ooh, this is very Brad and Angelina.

    Quick question though… do pilots need to like to fly?

  4. I would think that all pilots love to fly. That only makes sence. However there is less freedom in the wild blue yonder than what you would expect. The big difference is, pilots are usually in control of their aircraft. Passengers are never in control of the aircraft.

    Lou! If Mr. C and Christine both learn how to fly, not only does there go our jobs flying the Pandas around at Sidepodcast Airways, But they also get to find out how much we have been ripping them off in terms of pay…. (Being the only two remotly qualified people in Sidepodcastland to fly…..)

    Are there additional expenses like there are in Canada? In Canada, you aircraft is considered to be a commerical radio station, so you need to pay a fee and know how to operate a radio as well. Plus the fact that your hours have to be keep current (Which means that you are renting and buying fuel for at least those needed hours.)

    The route that I took is probably closed to you now Christine as you are too old to be an Air Cadet. However, if the donatations to Sidepodcast have been too generous, then the biggest hurdle is gone (the money).

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