Most important meal of the day

I rarely have breakfast. What fascinates me about that first meal is that there are select things you are supposed to have, and that’s all. For lunch, you can have anything in the world, although it is meant to be relatively light. Sandwiches with any filling, a hundred different types of salads, soup, pasta, and smaller versions of main meals. For dinner, the possibilties are endless!

Breakfast though, it tends to be one of the following:

  • Something in a bowl. It might be cereal with milk, it might be porridge (yeugh!), it could even be fruit if you’re feeling particularly healthy, but generally speaking bowls play a big part in breakfast foods.
  • Something from a frying pan. Bacon and eggs, pancakes, or similar fried delights. I can never really get my head around eating a giant fry up in the morning, even if you do have a hangover.
  • Something warmed up. Toast is just bread warmed up, croissants are just pastry warmed up. Throw in some butter, margarine, jam or honey (yeugh!) and you’ve pretty much got breakfast sussed.
  • Drinks: Tea, coffee, various juices, milk.

Why are there so many rules regarding breakfast?

We went to Frankie & Benny’s over the weekend, and I was perusing the breakfast menu. I was shocked to find steak and eggs on there. Has anyone ever eaten a steak for breakfast? Why do I get funny looks cracking open a carbonated beverage so early on? (Incidentally, bubbles are my cure for a hangover, rather than fried goods). And why is pizza for breakfast frowned upon?

They say it’s the most important meal of the day, therefore I say we should have what we like.

15 thoughts on “Most important meal of the day

  1. I don’t know why, but some things just feel a bit wrong for breakfast. At lunch and dinner I’m open to eating any style / nationality of food; but living in Asia I could never do anything other than the traditional European fare you describe above.

  2. Anything left over from last night is fair game in my book.

    Incidentally, in Dubai the big thing on a Friday (their main weekend day) is to go for a massive all-you-can-eat brunch at one of the big hotels (including booze, usually unlimited champagne) and with anything you could possibly imagine on the menu from croissants & jam to sirloin steak & chips. These usually start from 10am with everyone stuffed and slaughtered by midday (and yes, I have had the steak…)

  3. porridge (yeugh!)
    honey (yeugh!)

    In other news, I eat anything I want for breakfast, and in my first flat it was known as ‘wrong breakfast’ if you had anything other than those listed above. I think that name came about because of ‘The Wrong Trousers’ because Wallace = breakfast guru.

  4. Toast is just bread warmed up

    So why, when I put bread in the microwave, does it not toast? 😉

    I rarely eat breakfast either, just a coffee on the go and that usually gets me through to lunch. Interestingly, the only time I really eat breakfast is when I’m on holiday, and if it’s in Europe, anything sweet seems to go. I was watching the Around The World In 80 Days programme recently (the Children In Need one) and Lee Mack was saying how on continental Europe he feels odd because he can eat cake for breakfast and it is perfectly acceptable.

    I think there might be something scientific behind it though. Usually, people need something sweet to get their bodies going, but they need that energy to be slowly released because for most, there is a 5 or 6 hour wait until the next meal. So cereals (muesli and the like, not necessarily Coco Pops), porridge and fruit fit the bill quite well. Tea/coffee has just become the normal, socially-accepted thing to drink, and fruit juices fit in with the slow release of energy theory.

    That’s what I think anyway, and it also fits with the breakfast is the most important meal of the day thing.

    And as it was mentioned, a banana and a glass of orange juice is good brekky-cure for a hangover, for me anyway.

  5. I rarely have anything for breakfast, perhaps some toast or orange juice but in all fairness, I’m the stupid one as I always feel a lot more awake after having breakfast. The most important meal of the day is clearly lunch as it means you can go to Greggs 😛

  6. I don’t know why, but some things just feel a bit wrong for breakfast.

    That is exactly what I am curious about. Why does it feel wrong to eat steak? Because it really does!

  7. The best food of the day is always at breakfast! ESPECIALLY Eggs Benedict. YUM! 😀

    I also like having bread, either with butter or cheese (whichever’s available). Waffles or pancakes are also excellent choices.

    Makes me hungry already… for dinner. Dang this post. 😛

  8. We get free breakfast at the canteen every day – a choice of fruit, yoghurt, cereal, muesli, bread, cheese and cold meats. On Fridays it’s also croissants and Danish 😀

    On Saturdays it’s normally bread with Nutella or Danish. Sundays are usually eggs & bacon.

    I tend to eat a variety at work as not to get bored. I get up at 5am during the week and eat breakfast at 8:30 at my desk. I tried eating on the train to work but it’s too weird and I get hungry for lunch too early!

  9. I never eat breakfast and also get grief dor drinking carbonated beverages in the morning despite the fact that I have been doing it for a very long time and am far healthier than anyone who has ever criticised me for doing it.

    I was taken out to breakfast when I was in America on business. The idea of breakfast holds no appeal for me and spending the best part of an hour in a restaurant holds even less. I settled for so fruit and stuff. It was a buffet and basically all you could eat. Some people wer having steak and all sorts of meats and then going up for seconds and thirds. What some of them had for breakfast would have fed me for a week.

  10. I just eat whatever I can lay my hands on that the children haven’t raided… 3 cups of tea before anything else tends to be the usual case (can’t make coffee before I’m awake properly, I get it wrong!). Last nights indian takeaway (dahl and nan, yum!) is usually a strong contender if there was one (I can’t the only person who over orders so that there will be leftovers?).

  11. Some people wer having steak and all sorts of meats and then going up for seconds and thirds. What some of them had for breakfast would have fed me for a week.

    Crikey. That must be a lot of food.

    I can’t the only person who over orders so that there will be leftovers?

    I’ve never done it intentionally. I am thinking about it now though 🙂

  12. If I skip breakfast during the week I get all light-headed and can’t concentrate on anything by about 11.30 because I’m so hungry. Usually I have a bowl of cereal, sometimes toast. Nothing big but it wakes me up in the morning and keeps me going until lunch.
    At the weekends I’m not so bothered but I do try and eat something as soon as I get up, even if that’s quite late.. I don’t know if this is because at weekends I tend to pick at food during the day? It helps to eat loads at night and I eat dinner late anyway, compared to everyone else I know.

  13. Oh wow… best post ever!

    I too do not est breakfast most of the time. I do like to start the day with a diet coke though which really irks some people!

    When i do eat breakfast it is for 1 of 2 reasons… I have either stayed up all night and need refuelling, or have woken up early enough that i t seems like a good idea.

    I can rarely stomach a fry up, although i have had steak and scrambled eggs for breakfast and i remember thinking it was amazing because i didnt get hungry at lunch time. However that was on holiday, and the practicalities of making anything for breakfast is probably enough to put me off.

    I do love McDonalds breakfast though, when i crave it there is nothing better!

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