Back to Le Mans

Franck has returned to Le Mans this weekend, for a Peugeot Sport Meeting. I’ve never heard of this event before, but there’s some more info available. It looks like it’s all different types of Peugeot cars and drivers head to the track to entertain the fans.

Franck won’t be in the 908, but is still happy to drive, and will be sharing the wheel with Minassian and Sarrazin.

If you’re lucky enough to be near Le Mans, here’s a schedule for the weekend:

Friday, Nov 6
9:00 Drivers briefing
13:30 Qualifying session (1 hour)

Saturday, Nov 7
10h45 Signing session at the Peugeot motorhome
11:30 908 Demo
12:30 6 Hour-race start

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures!