This is what goes for news these days

Here is the fourth episode of Media. Future. Change. It’s taken a while to come to fruition, so it is packed with interesting news snippets. With Formula 1 heading into the off season, you might find a few more of these episodes floating around soon.

This is what goes for news these days

This week we’re going to talk about a USB stick you might want, Google taking over the world, or music at least, and news that isn’t really news.

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Length: 08:42


Feedback, suggestions, stories and ideas for future shows are always welcomed in the comments. This is the bare bones of the project and there is much more to come.

2 thoughts on “This is what goes for news these days

  1. There is one big thing that makes me skeptical about ebooks, which is how easy on the eye they actually will be after looking at the ebook reader for an extended period. Android has an ebook reader called Aldiko (admittedly the selection of books is primarily very old out of copyright titles I believe) , but I just can’t see my wanting to stare at a small bright screen for an extended period.

    I believe the kindle and such like have different technology, which makes the text more ‘natural’. But I wonder how much better this actually is. So I’d be interested to know anything about these differing technologies, and how people rate them compared to actual books.

    The other issue I have with ebooks, or more specifically ebook readers is why I’d want to carry around an expensive piece of technology with a wide range of (e)books on it. With music and mp3 players I can understand as you’re never quite sure what music you might feel like listening to at any given moment, so a good selection is handy. But with books I only really ever read one book at a time, so I think I’d rather throw a robust flexible book at the bottom of my bag, which doesn’t take that much extra room up and not have to worry about damaging a Kindle or whatever else.

    Maybe you can convince me why ebooks are the future.

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