Thoughts on fireworks

As a child, I didn’t like fireworks. I didn’t like the bangs and had no desire to go anywhere near the source of such a noise.

For perhaps a year or two, at a certain age, I did enjoy a firework display. The sudden noises weren’t exactly ideal but I even went to a November 5th display where there was a roaring bonfire. Standing in front of the flames was quite hypnotising, if a little hot.

Then suddenly, without reason, I got over any issue I had with fireworks. I was alright with the loud bangs, and visiting a display was no problem. But crucially, they had lost their excitement. They suddenly seemed a lot less impressive, and any firework displays we visited, or craned to see out the window, didn’t seem to last very long.

Now, as a podcaster who relishes silence, fireworks are just a pain.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on fireworks

  1. It’s funny how our views change on certain things over time. I can remember being very scared of fireworks when I was little. My parents once took my brothers and myself to a display and Dad lifted me up and sat me on his shoulders. I remember looking up at the lights coming back down towards me and thinking they were going to land on my head. Oh how I screamed and bawled.

    But like yourself, I seemed to get over my issues with firewworks, even though I cannot remember when, where or how. Although I do prefer a warm and comforting fire to lots of loud bangs and whistles.

  2. My sister got burnt by one and she got over the fear eventually.

    In Denmark we do the Fireworks thing on New Year’s Eve. They are only allowed to be sold in isolated areas, so we buy loads and set them off at my brother-in-law’s farm at midnight. It’s quite cool because we can look over the fields towards the town, and for about two hours the whole horizon is filled with colour and noises like an artillery barrage.

    The downside? Town looks like a warzone the day after!

  3. I never had a problem with fireworks as a child, my problem was with standing around in a crowd in the cold and dark to watch people going ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ to what I thought were fairly lame fireworks.. Just couldn’t see why it was being done. I’m not sure if this was because I went to a small school in a small town though – I didn’t see a ‘big’ display until much later.
    I have been impressed by two displays, one live and one not. The live and in person display was New Year in Edinburgh, truly the real meaning of “spectacular”. The other was on TV and was the opening ceremony for the Olympics in Beijing.
    Back on a smaller scale though, and the fireworks people let off now seem to be much louder than they ever used to be – and that’s annoying. They don’t need to be loud.

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