Amazon release International Kindle

Amazon have finally got around to offering up the Kindle to parts of the world outside the US, although at the moment it seems to still be a US Kindle.

The UK site redirects to for purchasing, and you buy the device and subsequent books in dollars. It also ships with a US charger, which would need a converter.

It seems as though this is a rush decision to capitalise on the markets eager to get their hands on a Kindle (ie. me). However, I’m not convinced. Buying in USD doesn’t really appeal, and I’m not sure how or if they’ll change that in the future.

It’s a big plus for Amazon that they have done this, though, and as they say themselves, there will be a UK-centric (hate that term) Kindle out soon enough.

3 thoughts on “Amazon release International Kindle

  1. I am loving buying things in USD at the moment because the AUD is so strong that they’re predicting the exchange rate will be $1 = $1 early next year.

  2. Buying is US Dollars doesn’t bother me, I’m just annoyed that this is such a half hearted effort. It wouldn’t have taken much to ship a few boxes over, get some adapters for them, and sell them properly. I also haven’t seen any confirmation of who the network carrier will be, which may not be a major thing if you live somewhere all the mobile companies have discovered, but when you don’t, it’s kind of important.
    I am really cross, because I want one so badly, and if they had just thought this through and put a bit of effort in, I’d have quite happily bought one yesterday (even if they said there was a two week wait for delivery, while they shipped them over).

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