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So, as mentioned on the previous post and first episode, the best stories come from you good people. I can only cover so much of the internet in a day, and often miss out the best bits.

If you spot something you think we should be talking about, why not share the link here? I’ll be checking it before the next show.

8 thoughts on “Story board

  1. Hi Christine, hope you are still reading these.

    So, sometimes I really wish I could watch the BBC here in Australia. Tomorrow night, October 8, there is a Comedy/ docu-drama on BBC4 called Micro Men.

    It tells the story of Clive Sinclair of Sinclair computer fame and Chris Curry of Acorn computers. These companies made the computers I grew up with, and a lot of British folk as well. Might be a bit before your time though.

    It’s hard to explain how great these little PCs were at the time, when IBM PCs and Apple IIs were way outside most people’s price range.

    Not sure if teh show will be any good, but I await and hope I will get to see it here.


  2. Hi Christine, hope you are still reading these.

    I absolutely am, thanks Paul.

    Wasn’t sure whether to create a new story board after each show to collect items for the next one, or whether to just leave it for now.

    I will check out that documentary, thanks Paul.

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