If you want more than 140 characters

I found myself with quite a few stories to discuss today, and rather than spend time trying to string sentences together on the page, I thought I’d bite the bullet and get on with the podcast.

If You Want More Than 140 Characters

A roundup of media news over the past week, including behind the scenes of TV shows, editing podcasts in the clouds, and a small victory for ebook fans.


Length: 6:51


As mentioned from the start, this is absolutely a work in progress. Comments and feedback are always appreciated. I’m thinking it might be useful to put up a post encouraging submissions for the next podcast as well – because you guys always spot the best stories.

7 thoughts on “If you want more than 140 characters

  1. This is the first time I’ve actually come here and not been in google reader, and I see I stole your blog theme.

  2. I see I stole your blog theme.

    Hehe! That’s okay. It is only temporary until the SPC homepage is done and then we can look at this one.

    I say temporary, of course, I really mean, probably going to look like this for a while.

  3. Christine, just tried searching for the podcast in iTunes but nothing there yet so searched under your name. “Dog in the Pod” seriously? Will MFC go on iTunes? Would like to subscribe so I don’t miss an episode

  4. “Dog in the Pod” seriously?

    Ah yes, my lovely Hollyoaks podcast. I miss doing that blog, but not a fan of the show anymore.

    Will MFC go on iTunes?

    It will, but until we sort that out, you can subscribe using this link:


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