Everyone deserves a treat

I went somewhere recently and saw a chocolate fountain (pictures coming soon). I know that isn’t particularly exciting, but mmm, chocolate.

FountainIn my travels across the web, I suddenly uncovered a mini chocolate fountain. This is sort of desk sized. A while ago, I talked about things you could have on your desk to brighten up the work day. I think a chocolate fountain would just about do it!

I suppose it could get a bit messy, and it would be hard to pick up the phone in a hurry if you were also covered in chocolate. Perhaps it is better off at home, but that’s okay. I found some more great stuff to go with it.

This tabletop pizza oven is very clever.Pizza The chances are I won’t cook pizza again after discovering the joys of online ordering, but there is something different about home-made pizza that stone-baked ovens only enhance. It’s also a great idea for social gatherings, as you can all sit round the table and make the cooking process part of the evening – a thing to do together.

MilkshakeOnto the Thick Milkshake Maker, then, and I am very tempted by this. We used to live very close to an establishment that did the most amazing milkshakes, and yet we only managed to go there a few times before we moved on. This magical device claims to be able to make milkshakes super thick without having to add ice cream, which seems like quite a feat to me. It’s expensive and it probably doesn’t work, but a girl can dream.

My final discovery is pure awesomeness. I have saved the best till last. This is the big one.

CandyFlossIt’s a candy floss maker!!!

A tiny little, fits right on your worktop, just needs some sugar, all you can eat candy floss maker. Yum, yum. I actually don’t eat candy floss anymore because whilst it is fun to bounce around on a sugar high, the following crash is not worth it. However, this makes me very excited. Please someone buy this so I can live vicariously through you?

3 thoughts on “Everyone deserves a treat

  1. I so need a chocolate fountain. I can help you with your vicarious candy floss needs to an extent. I had one of those bought for me last year. Unfortunately it was for lab use rather than sugar use and it didn’t do what we wanted it to do. By the time we discovered that it didn’t do it I had ever so slightly contaminated it with chemicals so it could never serve its proper purpose without poisoning a few people. The real shame of it is that within two days of unwrapping it, it was condemned to be scrapped.

    A bright pink candy floss maker looked slightly out of place in a lab and created some interesting discussions when people popped in.

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