Hulu UK still in progress

The Telegraph has been doing some digging into when Hulu will reach European shores and although it looks like deals are still be negotiated, progress is being made.

Of course, they only have “a source” for their article but it claims that ITV are the closest to signing a deal with the online video provider and that would most likely have some exclusivity associated with it. The source says:

“Hulu has been in talks with all the major British broadcasters but has made the most progress with ITV. It has offered each broadcaster the chance to take equity in the company in exchange for full-length programme rights.”

In a separate article, but presumably from the same source, The Telegraph reports that the Hulu UK launch date may be pushed back from September this year to early 2010, as it works to get deals set up.

2 thoughts on “Hulu UK still in progress

  1. The equity for content strategy is what worked for Spotify.

    Didn’t realise that. That must be a good sign, because Spotify seems to be mostly popular with all but Apple!

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