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I was recently introduced to the Android App Locale and it is really rather good. I thought I would share, although if you are a Google Android user, you have likely found this already.

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It is basically a fancy way of storing some ‘if statements’ in your phone to make certain things happen. I have only set up one, but will share with you as an example:

I get a lot of notifications on my phone for emails, and as quite a lot of the services I use are in the US (LibriVox, for example) these can come in at odd times of the day and night. Rather than be woken up every half hour, I thought about switching the notifications off. But that’s annoying. I thought about putting the phone to silent, but that is also not ideal.

Step in Locale.

If it is between 11pm and 7am, turn off notification sounds.

Job done.

There are a plethora of conditions you can choose from, and many things you can make happen. I have yet to explore the full potential of the App but it is definitely one of those simple things you didn’t know you needed until you had it.

2 thoughts on “Locale knowledge

  1. Locale is definitely quite an impressive app. One of the cleverest functions I found was to link it up with the excellent Astrid task manager app. You could then set location based tasks, where reminders would pop up when you were in a specific location. So you may tag a task (i.e. collect form form bank) with say ‘local high street’ then next time you are at your local high street, notifications for those tasks will arrive on your phone. Clever.

    But despite its wowness, I ended up uninstalling it for the following reasons:

    * The location based stuff is very clever, but it only does something (i.e. turn phone to silent) when you enter a location… not leave one. So you could set it to become silent when you arrive at work, but you’d have to remember to undo that when you left.
    * Resource heavy… it seemed to hang around in the background even though I wasn’t using it for much else except for automagically putting my phone on silent at night, and re-awakening in the morning.
    * Given the above, I switched to an app called sound manager that did the same but in a (seemingly) more efficient way.

    I may return to using it, if I find a need for it.

  2. You could then set location based tasks, where reminders would pop up when you were in a specific location.

    That is really clever! Clearly I am using about 0.1% of it’s functionality! I haven’t heard of Sound Manager, will have a look.

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