Not to be Encouraged

This is quite a cool game: Can you name the most used passwords of all time?

Guess the Password

Not a catchy title, I grant you, but it’s fun all the same. You get three minutes to guess the most popular passwords. A couple of them are obvious, and I actually only got five. I am also slightly concerned as to how this data is collected. Either someone is reading and collecting passwords, or people are more than happy to share what their password is.

Both = fail.

Anyway, it passes a couple of minutes to have a few guesses. Without wanting to spoil anything, I am curious who number 14 is.

Let me know how you get on.

6 thoughts on “Not to be Encouraged

  1. Apparently peoples’ computers are about as secure as their Luggage! Idiots! ==> (Obscure Movie Reference here!)

    And I knocked off 13 password thanks to your hint about #14. Four of those are based from the previous paragraph…. And I got the top six passwords.

    But then, I was sort of in the business of techincal support. Used to say, have a Captial, a small letter, a number and at least one special character in at least an 8 digit password to access your computer…..

  2. I got 3. Some I realised were a bit obvious, some I just needed to add a bit more onto.

    Shame there isn’t really a challenging F1 quiz.

  3. Um…yeah…same as Steven. A very poor showing.
    On the plus side, none of my passwords are in the list.

    Would that movie reference be Spaceballs?

  4. I am currently wondering how many people out there are now changing the combination to their luggage to something just as easy to remember ?

    Not telling what movie is referenced because you can get many passwords that are listed from it. Although this movie is quite an open secret as it is referred to quite a lot in online discussions in Sidepodcastland…….

    Wonders where the password “Why?” could be on a list of top 50 passwords. Surely there must be more wiseguys than a handful….

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