Statistics from Flickr

I’ve just discovered this really interesting page on Flickr (via The Next Web) which collates information from all its users and shows us which camera is the most popular.

The iPhone has made quite the leap, and other graphs on the page, show that it is by far the most popular supplier of photos from cameraphones.

All the point & shoot cameras are Canon’s as well, which is just plain wrong, if you ask me. We all know the best P&S camera in the world is from Lumix.

2 thoughts on “Statistics from Flickr

  1. I am literally about to do a blog post about how my Lumix TZ6 is the best camera I have ever owned. We are not massive camera geeks but I’ve been through 4 P&S efforts from Canon/Samsung/Fuijifilm/Casio in two years (variously dropped, stopped, never worked or the photos were rubbish) and this is quite simply awesome. I know there’s a TZ7 which does HD video and things, but the step up to the TZ6 just opened our eyes!

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