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Eidos are taking a leaf out of Radiohead’s book, and charging only a processing fee for their new game. Users are requested to pay what they think the game is worth. The Championship Manager 2010 game is available until September 10th, when the full game hits the shops and the price rises to £29.99.

There’s a rather snazzy video of the press conference, and Eidos say:

We’re keen to see as many people as possible playing Championship Manager, and think this is a great way to get people playing. There is a small transcation fee to cover costs encountered in delivering you the game and a 1p minimum charge, but the cost for the full version of Championship Manager 2010 is yours to choose…

It’s good they’re seeing at as a chance to get people playing, almost using at as a loss leader for now. The statistics say that two thirds of people who downloaded Radiohead’s album chose to pay nothing, so this pay what you want scheme can only be used for marketing purposes.

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  1. It’s an intruiging idea for a game. To give you a bit of context, the Championship Manager games were the single leading football management sim on the market until a few years ago, a split between SI Games (the developers of the game) and Eidos (the publishers) saw SI Games leave the deal between the two and create the Football Manager series as compeition to the CM series. I would say the vast majority of the audience moved to Football Manager as it was without a doubt the superior game between the two, considering Eidos had taken over the developing role with no real experience in comparion to SI Games’ developing the games year upon year. Since the split, FM has every year been seen as ‘the’ football management sim.

    I’ve been a long time player of the Football Manager series myself, and CM has been struggling in the background for years. To me, I can’t help but see this as gaining the attention of the media to get more attention towards Championship Manager after several years in the shadows. Whether it will work is another thing – In Rainbows was a huge success for Radiohead but many people went for as little payment as possible which will probably happen here I’d guess. Still, it’s interesting and you can’t complain for a new game for £2.51 I suppose. I’m still expecting Football manager to vastly outsell and outperform this despite Eidos’ attempts to get their base audience back towards their series.

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