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I was actually going to record this as a kind of video blog, but am missing a rather crucial USB cable that without it means I have to crawl around under desks and dismantle Mr C’s rather tidy cabling. I don’t think he’d thank me for that, but I feel the stories are worth sharing before they get too old, so I’ll post the transcript instead.

This is also my way of teasing the fact that there may be more in the way of video coming soon.

There’s a lady in Scotland who is about to borrow her 25,000th book from her local library. Actually, she probably has done it by now. She’s 91 years old and has been borrowing books since 1946. Louise Brown, that’s her name, she reads a lot. For the majority of the 60 years she’s been reading, she’s taken at least six books a week, and apparently this is now increased to 12.

12 books a week!

One year, before I had found any particular hobbies I was into, I read 62 books in one year, and I was proud of that. But that’s only 1.2 books a week, not even close to 6. I’m a little bit disappointed in myself.

Still, even 1.2 books is better than I’m managing at the moment. So far this year, I have read the Diary of Anne Frank, and half of Murray Walker’s biography. That one is sitting on my shelf, calling out to be picked up again, but I don’t think I will.

I did start moving towards an audiobook world, but many of the titles available on Amazon and on iTunes are terrible quality.

What I really want is an Amazon Kindle. Piles and piles of books and magazines in the palm of your hand, but in one small device. Only two problems. 1) It is kinda on the expensive side and 2) that doesn’t really matter because it’s not available in the UK yet anyway.

Actually, another person who could do with a Kindle is the guy who is marooning himself on an island on purpose. I believe it’s a privately owned island in Scotland, and former merchant banker Geoff Spice is going to hole up there for the entire month of August in an attempt to quit smoking. There’s no electricity, no running water, and all he’s taking is his stack of books.

He’s mad, right?

Only Harry Potter would be enough to make me forget I’m stranded without water, and even all seven of those books would only last a week or so. I’ve never smoked, but there must be easier ways of quitting than living without electricity for 30 days!

What he needs is a little bit of the willpower that Louise Brown has. No one can read 6 books a week without some major strength of character.

7 thoughts on “Extreme readers

  1. I read all 9 of the True Blood books in about 10 days last month – there was a small delay while I had to wait for the last 5 to be delivered….grrrr. I would say it’s an unusual week if I only read one book, I generally average 2-3.
    Plus usually another unabridged version of something classic that I should read on audiobook. Those I listen to while I’m at work!

  2. I am impressed!

    I wish I could listen at work, that would help get my podcast numbers down a little as well.

    Do you keep a record of what you have read or are you pretty good at remembering?

  3. I do the podcast thing at work too – usually for an hour or two first thing to catch up, then switch to a book.
    I use audible for audio books, and that has a library thing, so you can see what you’ve bought. Real books I generally remember if I’ve read them. Also, I think Amazon now reminds you if you’ve previously bought the book and it just hasn’t been delivered yet, which helps.
    Most of the doubles I have come from the other half trying to buy for me – he gets confused when they reissue something with a new cover!

    I’m really hoping we get the Kindle here soon at a price I can afford. I love my books, but I love reading more than the actual books, and I’m running out of space!

  4. I set myself a goal of ‘a book a week’ in 2006, but I failed pretty miserably since I was at uni then and felt guilty everytime I read a book that wasn’t a text book.
    I should take the challenge again, I do love a good read.

  5. I should take the challenge again, I do love a good read.

    Take the challenge, and blog it! Post a quick note about each book you read, and then you can always have a record, and share the process with other people along the way!

    Yay for Amy’s book challenge. When are you starting? 🙂

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