G1 left on the shelf

Whilst I’ve been getting more and more attached to my T-Mobile G1, it looks as though the Android development team are going through the opposite emotions. According to this story on Engadget, G1 users really need to make the most of their recent Cupcake software update, because it will probably be their last!

Supposedly, HTC put a limited amount of internal flash space into the G1, and the Android operating system will soon outgrow it. There is plenty of information emerging about the next ‘Donut’ update, but there’s not much point in going through it here, as I still have months and months to go on my G1 contract and won’t be able to enjoy any of the new stuff until I can get my hands on an updated handset.

I knew diving straight into the G1 world was going to be an early-adoptive nightmare, but I didn’t realise it would end up being restrictive like this!

3 thoughts on “G1 left on the shelf

  1. how much will it cost you to buy your way out of this contract and get a G2?

    Not sure. I haven’t looked into it, but I guess I’m going to have to now.

  2. Interesting contrast with iPhone. Some features don’t work on first gen phones, but only if there is a hardware restriction (odd things like picture texts seem like they wouldn’t be hardware features but are because they need a different arial).

    But pure software updates are available, like copy and paste.

    That said the new OS is very slow.

    I wonder at what point Apple will have to bite the bullet and how unpopular that will be?

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