Take the moral High Line

I have just found out about a new park opened in New York called the High Line. I don’t ever intend on travelling to New York, but if I did I would want to go and see this.

High Line

The High Line railway opened back in the 1930s, as a way to stop pedestrians getting knocked over by freight trains. The tracks ran alongside the big warehouses, allowing buildings to have openings straight onto the trains. Loading and unloading was supremely easy.

The last trains ran on the High Line in the 80s, and for a while it looked as though it would all be torn down, but some nearby residents wanted to save the tracks and set up the Friends of the High Line group. Now they’ve managed to turn it into a park and the first section opened last month.

The park is full of boardwalk, benches and wildflowers, and the greenery looks a bit strange floating above the city streets. However it’s a great way to preserve some history, adds an extra tourist dimension, and probably makes a nice place to go for lunch and a break from work!

Here’s a video with a first look at the park – it’s a bit wobbly in places, but does show the park off well.

It’s a lot bigger than I imagined it could be. So, what do you think? Are parks in the sky the future?

2 thoughts on “Take the moral High Line

  1. I have heard this mentioned a couple of times on TWiT shows. It seems like a great idea to me to have places like his in busy cities. I could even see stacked parks where you have 4 or 5 on top of each other without taking up any more space.

    I know Paris has similar railway. I must check and see what they are doing with it.

  2. Mm, I think it was the Giz Wiz I heard it, because the other guy on there likes trains and became a charter member of the park or something. Very cool.

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