Only just got used to tera

This is one of the best blog entries I’ve read in a while, despite the fact that it is in the form of an image, which I would normally frown upon.

The topic in hand is the progression from terabytes to the next level petabytes. It took me a while to get my head around this at first. A terabyte is a thousand gigabytes, a petabyte is a thousand terabytes. So, in other words, quite large.


One of the fascinating facts in the Mozy image helped visualise just how big this really is: “1G = 7 minutes of HD video. 1P = 13.3 years of HD video.”

The other scary fact was the amount of processing Google does. Mozy suggest that this is 20P a day, whilst the entire history of written work from man in any language is 50P. I know Google includes video, images, and all that jazz, but 20P per day boggles my mind.

Even so, I am still waiting for the yottabyte to come out, because firstly, how awesome is that name? And secondly, what comes after that?

One thought on “Only just got used to tera

  1. Wow. There’s something a little scary about that Google fact. Plus I agree about getting used to one set of data limits, then lo and behold, we get an even bigger one come round the corner to scare us! 13.3 years of HD video is absolutely staggering…

    I like Yottabyte. Although the next one should be Takeabigbyte. Or Weetabyte.

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