Twitter no longer cares what you’re doing

There are studies emerging all over the place regarding who actually uses Twitter and what they get out of it, and it seems as though the powers that be are starting to take notice.

The social networking site has long since ceased to be a place where you answer the original question “What are you doing?” In fact, I just had to go and check the website itself to see if it actually still featured the question above the text box. It does, which seems odd.

Twitter has relaunched their homepage in a new and fancy way:

Twitter Homepage

Now, for new visitors to Twitter, instead of seeing a stream of consciousness from across the globe, they’re confronted with a much more familiar search box. Trending topics over various periods are much more important than what the latest person said.

Which turns Twitter into a vat of information, constantly being updated, rather than a particular way of contacting people, or simply broadcasting what you had for lunch.

I wonder what the next step will be.

One thought on “Twitter no longer cares what you’re doing

  1. Twitter no longer cares what I am doing? To be honest, nobody really cares what I am doing!

    For me, Twitter is just FacebookLite, where you can randomly message whoever you want and find out random stuff and news from all sorts of people.

    Like many, I also use it for self-promotion (by adding links to my blog) and I also use the trending topics when a news story breaks – it has been a place I turn to along with news websites to get the scoop now…

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