Hold your breath, count to… eleven

I recently uncovered a site called 11 Points which compiles top ten lists, but with eleven items. Some of the lists are rubbish, and the site is very garish to behold, but there are some gems to be found.

I have always liked top ten lists and similar. The first podcast I subscribed to was Top of the Pods, which is sadly no longer broadcasting. The idea was a simple weekly chat between two guys, counting down random lists, some submitted by listeners. There’s something about the list format that appeals to me, and I miss that show.

Anyway, my favourite two lists from the 11 points site are:

Ah, remember the flying cars, hoverboards, self-drying jackets, and hydrated pizzas? Guess which list they fall into?

The big problem with setting a film in the future, is that you are bound to reach that year at some point, and people are bound to laugh at how so very far off you were. Although, with the BTTF trilogy, we also laugh at how inaccurate the history was as well, and I still love it, so no harm done.

3 thoughts on “Hold your breath, count to… eleven

  1. As much as I would like to see the Florida (Miami) Marlins switch “Leagues” with the Tampa Bay Rays, just so that a “Miami” Team might be in the World Series in 2015, the idea of the Chicago Cubs being anywhere near the World Series was the punchline for that joke….

    Then again, in the 1960’s the idea of Ronald Reagan being President of the U.S. was a punchline for a joke in the TV Show “Laugh-Ins” skit “News from Tomorrow”! Turns out they got his term of office wrong, believe that he would be in his second term in 1980….

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