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I was recently perusing the Podcasting News site and found an article with some new media tips from Trent Reznor. Now, I am only vaguely aware of Mr Reznor, not being a Nine Inch Nails fan, myself.

However, it was the tips themselves that fascinated me. And by fascinated, I mean baffled. It starts off well.

  • Have your MySpace page, but get a site outside MySpace – it’s dying and reads as cheap / generic.
  • Remove all Flash from your website.
  • Remove all stupid intros and load-times.

This is good. No one likes to navigate a site that is trying to be too cool. Next.


Apparently this one deserves caps, but I would like to see how Mr Reznor can make audio files easy to find and play without the use of any Flash whatsoever.

Still, let’s continue. There are a few useful tips regarding updating your site frequently, and providing things to keep people coming back for more. Good stuff. However, after ten tips, I think he started to run out of ideas.

  • Make interesting things.
  • Get a Twitter account.
  • Be interesting.
  • Be real.

Be interesting? Be real?? Is that even slightly helpful?

That’s like going to a doctor and asking them what to do about your broken arm and the doctor saying: “Fix it.”

It’s like me saying, I’ve been podcasting for a good few years now, want my advice? Try talking out loud.

So, in the spirit of Trent Reznor, here are my top five new media tips:

  1. Be cool
  2. Be good
  3. Be nice
  4. Be tasteful
  5. Be awesome

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Be interesting

  1. Keep it real is such a strange phrase.

    How would you go about keeping it unreal?

    I think that in your doctors analogy it’s worse it’s like going to the doctors and saying, “Help me”, they say, “What’s wrong?”, and you saying, “I’m ill”.

    Although I’ve always had a soft spot for Trent. How many megastars would post something like that in the first place? Not many. And he wrote this song which Jonny Cash covered just before he died:

    Which makes him great in my book.

  2. Although I’ve always had a soft spot for Trent. How many megastars would post something like that in the first place?

    Very true. Understanding new media enough to attempt some tips is a good sign.

  3. I went and saw Trent Reznor at the Roskilde festival. Like the quotes you have posted here, I found their music weird and non-sensical. The man needs a good hug or needs to be introduced to ‘Baby Panda Thursdays’ or something!

  4. His comments read like someone who agree to write a piece and then discovered once he started that he had no idea what he was talking about.

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